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Simplify Your Life Before Going Full Time

September 22, 20121

Would you be happy selling a half a million dollars of books at a 94% margin and get paid in two days?


That's what your business could look like if you adopt a direct sales model for publishing. Our guest today is Katie Cross an indie writer that took control of her sales funnel and dove into direct sales head first.

Check out these links website: www.katiecrossbooks.com

free offer: welcome.kcrosswriting.com/welcome


Beyond the juicy margins the connection to your fanbase is much stronger because you have transparency on the buyer's journey. Hang out with us and learn about direct sales as a go to market strategy.

Simplify Your Life Before Going Full Time

December 18, 2019

Gary Collins of The Simple Life shares ways to get more freedom and simplify your day to day. We specifically discuss the topic of getting ready to leave a wage job.

The Story Fixer - John Truby

December 13, 2019

John Truby discusses how to fix a story if it lacks narrative drive. Craft is a business issue. Good craft = good product quality and product quality drives sales.

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