The top 2.5% of authors...


…earn 64% of publishing profits.


How do they do it?


We are in the golden age for authors. The gatekeepers are gone. The books and novels that have been buried on your “Bucket List” can be brought to life. Nobody can tell you, “No!”


Publishing your book isn't that hard.


Getting the readers, well, that’s where we all need help.


What are the KEY PRINCIPLES?


I've applied my experience from 20-years as an entrepreneur to help authors get to six and seven figures. It became my passion. I took a year to research and understand the engine that drives success.


What I discovered is that publishing is driven by a unique economic force called cumulative advantage.


Are you willing to learn the power of cumulative advantage?


It is the market driving force that picks winners and losers.


I'll show you that not only can cumulative advantage be systematized, but a unique flavor is possible for every author.


Yes, even you!


This professionally researched book contains never before seen data on just how demand works in publishing and how the top authors become best sellers.

Are you ready?


Better still as an audiobook you can digest this valuable information while you drive, exercise, or walk the dog.

You’ll love this road map to finding readers, because the world is a vast social place and knowing how it works can make all the difference.

Still Not Sure?

Trust What Your Fellow Authors Have to Say.

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five star review
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five star review
email advantage review

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